Augustus Marketing Recognizes…Chance

Here at Augustus Marketing Inc, our company culture and work environment are a big part of what makes us successful. We like to recognize those in our office on their milestones and achievements!

Recently, Chance was promoted to our leadership team!

We had a chance to sit down and get to know a little more about him this week and here is what he had to say!

Augustus Marketing Inc. – What is your hometown?

Chance – Huber Heights, OH

AMI – What are your hobbies?

C – Chess, any physical activities, Xbox One, every movie ever!

AMI – What would your superhero name be?

C – Chance the Crook

AMI – Name a fun fact about yourself

C – I know Braxton Miller

AMI – What is your favorite AMI memory so far?

C – Traveling

AMI – Never leave home without…

C – Pens and Wallet

AMI – Mountains or Beach?

C – Beach

AMI – Coffee, Tea, or Energy Drink?

C – Coffee

AMI – Winter or Summer?

C – Summer

AMI – Water Sports or Snow Sports?

C – Water Sports

AMI – Who would you like to thank?

C – Everyone, especially Brad and Austin

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